A mom’s trick to learn French
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A mom’s trick to learn French

I listen to kids’ songs while driving. A lot. There, I said it. It’s not always good music, and yes I could totally use a break from childishness, and yes kids will be happy listening to adults’ music, too. But here’s the truth: nothing gets my French on, like the comptines enfantines.

It totally works. It’s even better than listening to a French radio, where I can easily loose track of what they’re saying, get bored, or be stuck with crappy music forever.

After Pomme de Reinette and Mamans, Les Petits Bateaux, I’m warmed up enough to hold any conversation in French. After just a few Frere Jacques, my French “r” is almost French and I’m ready to rock.

Oh! And the vocab! It’s such an easy way to learn some new words! There is a small risk I’m learning an archaic version of French, and the world will laugh out loud when my song-based education is over, but I’m going to take the risk. Could have been worse after a hip-hop-based French course. Just imagine someone learning English from Snoop’s, Eminem’s or DMX’s tracks. It could have been fun, though decoding accents, and the slang would take forever, or wouldn’t it?

So, here I am trying to learn French with my preschooler’s favorite songs. She’s still a beginner, though at the pace she’s learning I better, at least, keep up with her (I wrote about it here).

The best part is French rhymes are very different than the English ones. They are not all sweet, they do not all end with a happy ending. In other words, as my friend puts it – they are not farting out rainbows.

It’s a butcher cutting lost kids, not the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I wrote about few examples (of songs, not rainbow farts) in this post here about 5 hardcore French songs for kids.

No kids? Don’t worry. Simply buy the cheapest car seat in the supermarket, invest in “baby on board” sign, and you’re good to go. Or you could just enrol with Frantastique – until Friday you can get 2 months 100% free, check out the link.

It’s a course that combines textbook French, street French, and pop culture French all in one place. It’s basically as pleasant as kids songs but turned into adult-adapted stories. Everything is explained. And all that magic in under 15 mins a day (simply go to Milk’s page devoted to Frantastique, everything is explained there).

Get your French on, mama!