My name is Olga. Even few months ago I would laugh if you’d tell me I’ll try to become a blogger. I have no idea how to convince you in few sentences that you should read another blog so I won’t. Like it or leave it (I’m not being impolite, just being a very direct me).

I’m a law graduate, stay at home mum. I’m Polish, English is not my first language, so it may not be a good read in terms of literacy values. In September 2012 I became a mother of a very smart, bossy and stubborn girl. Since then I have changed, I have learnt a lot about myself and rediscovered my childhood passion for bubbles and crayons. I am a down to earth mom who believes she intuitively applied the rules of attachment/gentle parenting (though no sling), tries to be eco (though no cloth diapers, oh no no no), tries to feed her family with healthy meals (though loves burgers and fries). That’s basically what this blog is about. On top of that I hope to provide Geneva based readers with where-to-go and other local tips.

Please feel free to comment. I’ll love to hear your feedback!