Bedsharing controversy

Anti bedshaing video demystified. bedsharing is great when safe

I’m sure that by now, you have all seen the “shocking” video by Bothell Police Department – the one which discourages parents from co-sleeping. While I totally understand why the enthusiasts of evolutionary parenting, attachment parenting, gentle parenting and others are so unhappy with this video, I would like to convince you there are positives of it, you just need to look at it differently.And don’t hate me just yet. I’ve been bed sharing with Z for past 26 months, I know all the pros, I know the risks, and as such I do not even consider myself as a target audience for this video.

This video is not idiotic (an epithet commonly linked to it). It is also not perfect, but this is not the reason to consider it useless.

Bed sharing is safe when parents are responsible, educated and care deeply. It’s only safe when parents are aware of the risks, anticipate and prepare. It is only then that it can be pleasure and provide all the benefits.

Bed sharing by parents who drink alcohol, do drugs, smoke cigarettes, take anti depressants or sleeping pills, or are simply careless IS DANGEROUS. The chance for those people to change overnight and provide their children with safe sleeping environment in their bed is nearly impossible! For those, safe environment should be translated into: alone, on the back, in the crib. So, I do hope THEY will see this video, I hope it will put some sense into them. I hope they will watch this video and that it will stop them from bed sharing. 

This video is not aimed at parents who read about evolutionary or any other parenting.If you’re a frequent reader of those websites, blogs, books. If you’re well aware of when bed sharing is no safe then this video is not for you. Before we go hysterical and criticize everyone everywhere let’s have a minute for reflection.

Of course, in the perfect world a perfect video would not send that message, it would explain how bed sharing is beneficial for parents and the baby and how to do it safe. So, if you are willing to make the world closer to perfect, record your own video, explain the bed sharing, make sure it goes viral and we will all clap our hands! Just remember that you take responsibility for all those who will only take an element of your advise and still risk their babies lives.

On the other hand, if that video has left you scared and messed up your plans to co-sleep with your child, please read more on Evolutionary Parenting blog: do’s and don’ts or risks versus realities.

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