First judgy 100 miliseconds

Never judge a book by it’s cover, right? We heard it over and over again. But who can truly admit they never judge people on how they look like? (Not-surprisingly) NOBODY. First impression takes only 100 ms to be created.

Don’t make such a disappointed face, my dear reader. You’re not a bad person. You’re just a human being equipped with a brain you have little control over.

According to researchers from Princeton University, all we need is 100 ms to form a judgement. Not even a minute or not even 5 seconds, well not even 1 second.

You may go and think that the researchers only made people look at faces for 100 ms. Nope. They allowed it for longer stretches of time, that only made subjects more confident about their judgement.

100ms and it’s set.

To be honest. Is that a surprise? We can draw so much from how people look like. We judge how they smell, if they are clean, what taste they have, if they’re rather poor or rather rich. More time you add you know their accent, you get an idea of their educational level and knowledge.

Still, none of that says if a person is “good” but it sure tells us if there is a big or little chance for any -ship between us.

It’s more difficult for kids as how they look depends on their parents – for example if they wash their children, if they keep their clothes well maintained. It doesn’t tell us much about the child himself but can tell us something about the parent. Not from a judging-good-bad perspective but just to give us idea who we’re dealing with. Same with sneaky, unfair, rich, pretentious, silly, untrustworthy etc. we see it their eyes. Don’t admit it out loud if you can but see deeply into your mind next time you meet a person for the first time.

It’s not bad. It’s being cautious. Nature had to equip us with a screening tool.

Trust your gut (your first impression) but leave a place for a doubt/hesitation/a second chance, name it as you like.

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