Is It Safe for Baby to Sleep with Flat Head Pillow?
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Is It Safe for Baby to Sleep with Flat Head Pillow?

When it comes to infants, you need to avoid putting the pillow in order to prevent the flat head. The pillows are not recommended for the newborn babies as they are delicate enough. They can easily develop the flat head syndrome in them. It would be best if you took the proper precautions, and you can consider having the best pillow for flat head so that there can be at the safer side, and you can conveniently put such pillows below their head.

The flat head syndrome is the lethal disease that usually takes place in infants of the newborn babies. This disorder usually has minor cosmetic effects. But you need to visit the doctor if you are observing such symptoms in your baby. As parents, you need to take the proper safety measures to prevent your baby from getting a flat head. Now you must be thinking how will you do that? What safety measures that you need to prefer?

Well, we are here, along with the answers to your questions. We have elaborated your each and every query at the points described below in order to serve you with the required information. So that you will be at ease while gaining more knowledge. Then, you will get to know how and when you need to consider safety measures for infants. Have a look:

How to prevent your infant from getting flat head syndrome?

“Back is the best sleeping priority”:

The possibility of getting the flat spot on the back of your baby skull is quite insignificant compared to the opportunities to reduce the threat of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). It is the terrifying condition under which the child who is up to 1 year of age can die while sleeping, and no determinable reason will be found.

  • You need to place your baby sleep on their back side. Preferably let them lay on the firm mattress, which is being occupied with the approved crib, and no pillow should be present there. Besides pillows, you can also avoid blankets toys or any other loose clothing on the baby’s bed. But the pacifiers are acceptable, and they can be helpful in preventing the SIDS.
  • According to the American Academy of pediatrics, back is the best position for babies to sleep. It will help them to reduce the chances of SIDS by up to 40%. Being smart parents, you need to prioritize considering such things in order to serve your kid with required health benefits.

Is It Safe for Baby to Sleep with Flat Head Pillow

Give the regular and frequent “tummy time”:

For giving your child the best tummy time, you need to let them lay on the floor on their belly for specific periods. Preferably let them lay on their belly up to 10 to 15 minutes if possible at least three times in the day. While the baby has its tummy time, you need to be present there; do not leave the room while the baby is lying on the floor.

  • The best part is tummy time not only helps the children to prevent flat head. But it also helps the motor development to take place faster. This will also help the baby to strengthen up their shoulder muscles, arm, and neck.
  • The AAP has stated its slogan later on from the back is the best to the stomach to play and afterward back to the sleep in order to indicate the importance of tummy time regarding the newborn baby’s development

Prevent the overuse:

It will be recommended for all the parents out there that you should not leave your babies in the same position for so long or at the same location as well. Doing such things can stretch out their muscles, and it will not be good for their growth.

  • Preferably do not overuse the swings, infant seats, and bouncers as it can also result in the flat spots. It would be best if you avoided the excessive for overuse of things like car carriers, swings, and any other thing which is relatable.
  • These things should not be considered for long term holding areas neither in the sleeping quarters for better development of your infant. This can limit the range of motion of the head and neck.  This is how your baby can get the flat head syndrome.

Bring variation into their daily activities:

This generation is quite intelligent and smart compared to the previous generation as they easily become familiar with the things they belong to. The shocking part is infants are also as familiar with their belongings as they overuse that toys swings and the things which are related to it.

So it would be best if you were smart enough as you are required to bring variations in their daily routine activities. Once the baby is done, whether its tummy time, then you should prefer having is talking session with them.

The babies are filled with energy once they are done with their meals; this is the right time to interact with them and let them say whatever they want do not bind them. It will be better for you if you avoid let them be surrounded by those toys only.

Is It Safe for Baby to Sleep with Flat Head Pillow

How to prevent flat head syndrome?

For preventing flat head syndrome, you can prefer considering the points mentioned above. Here we have elaborated some more points so that the parents can get to know more about the respective topic.

  • If possible increase the tummy time up to 30 to 60 minutes
  • Preferably enable your baby to swap the positions frequently
  • You need to rotate their neck into various positions but avoid doing it often

The final verdict

Now we are here while wrapping up the stuff along with the statement that you preferably avoid keeping your baby in a safe position for so long. You can consider having the best baby pillow for a flat head to be at the safer side for being at the safer side.