Letters to Santa – the Swiss way

Letters to Santa – the Swiss way

Who wouldn’t want to receive an answer to their letter to Santa? Every year thousands of children on both hemispheres write letters of wishes to Santa in hope to hear back from the old man. Then, the parents already busy with all-month Christmas preparations, try to answer to these letters in at least slightly creative way.

But not in Switzerland.

In Switzerland kids send letters to Santa (in any creative or formal way they wish), and wait for the reply while the parents… do nothing.

Parents in Switzerland do not have to burn the margins of the page, or try to learn how to write with a feather. They don’t need to attach the ready answer to their kids’ letters like in the US (seriously, what is the point?), or pay someone to reply. Parents in Switzerland enjoy their fondue while the letter is being answered by Swiss Post.

The most amazeballs Post Service on the planet received 20,546 letters to Santa in 2015. It’s pretty impressive, especially for a small country of milk and chocolate. Thus even though a similar system exists in Canada, it is definitely less thrilling there.

Most importantly it’s not a new invention, or a scam powered by some high-tech Replies-From-Santa Generator. The Swiss Post has been on this secret mission for over 60 years now and has been very serious about keeping it mysterious.

Every year the journalists try to learn about the logistics behind the action, but the Post stays quiet, not willing to expose Santa’s secrets.

All we know is that all the letters addressed to Santa in any way are directed to the Christmas branch in Chiasso (yes, the Swiss Post has a Christmas branch), where 5 employees answer all of the most important letters of the year.

Chiasso lies in the Italian-speaking part of the country but it doesn’t stand in the way for the employed to answer in 3 languages: French, German, Italian, and English (and after this post goes viral they will master their English big time!).

And yes, letters from abroad are answered too.

Every letter sent to Santa is answered no matter how it’s addressed (North Pole Christmas Branch, imaginary creative address), unless the sender didn’t include his/hers address. Though even then those super cool postal angels will try to track down the kid. Unfortunately it is not always possible, and this is why ‘only’ 96% of 18,699 letters received a response (and a small gift!) in 2015.

It would be so fascinating to know what the children wish for. To see the most funny, the most touching, and the most serious dreams. Hopefully, the post will one day decide to publish the most remarkable letters.

As the Swiss Info reports, children do not only wish for objects, “they also long for a more peaceful and fair world, and a home environment where siblings or parents don’t argue or fight”.

Now that the whole letters to Santa operation is so easy-peasy and, at least when done for the first time, way more exciting than any Elf on the shelf drama, help your child write a letter!

And also share it, like it and make other parents’ lives more pleasant in December!