Longing for pregnancy

I don’t miss being pregnant per se. If I ever decide to become pregnant again I will probably live in fear because honestly, vomiting for months, nausea, heartburns to the point of vomiting (yes, I threw up quite a lot), nose bleeds, low blood pressure, inability to drink and all other joys of pregnancy I had experienced are not worth missing. And don’t even let me start sharing my birth story…

I do miss that particular excitement, the kicks, the bond, the preparations. But what I hear everywhere is that it is not quite the same with the second child.

So what do I miss? The items! The stuff! Totally! Things you only get to use while pregnant! I truly believe (ehem hope) I am not the only one. Just hear me out:

1. Pregnancy trousers
Aren’t they just the most comfortable piece of clothing ever!? Just. So. Darn. Comfortable. No, yoga pants or sweat pants are not as comfortable. Plus, pregnancy trousers come in all the styles – jeans, elegant, casual, summer, winter. How weird would I be to wear them whilst not pregnant?

2. Pregnancy bra
They look so. darn. horrible. At least those that I’ll miss forever – those huge, comfortable tents. I am lucky to be still breastfeeding my old toddler, so I can get away with nursing bras that are just the same. One of the reasons it is worth keeping on boobin’.

3. Pregnancy pillow.
If you’re anything like me, you love cuddling at night just not with something, ehem someone, hot and heavy. Pregnancy pillow was my discovery of a lifetime! It doesn’t move on it’s own, won’t steal my cover, keeps room temperature and is light! Ha! Perfect! Only, my daughter stole that pillow when she was born, leaving me miserable again.

4. Maternity briefs.
I did my research on this one and I KNOW I am not alone with thought. When you first have to use them after birth, you hate them. Big, tight usually reaching below one’s bum. But then you realize they hold that huge pad in place, that they don’t show when you’re wearing skinny jeans. They actually squeeze your bottom shaping it nicely. There’s more to that! They’re disposable (although not necessarily) decreasing your washing load!

So, tell me now. Why the heck aren’t we all wearing them, at least few days each month? Is that a chance for me to set a new trend?

Any secret longings you want to share? Bring it on!

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