Missing eyes
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Missing eyes

Missing face parts is a creepy name for a simple drawing game with little artists. Is it a good fit for Halloween season or i it only me who finds eyeless face slightly disturbing?

I’ve played this game with Z for several months now. It’s so simple and so funny. I started when she was drawing circles in the bath saying it’s a baby. She would add some random shapes and call them “eyes”, “nose”, “ears” and “mouth”. They didn’t look like eyes, nose, ears or mouth but were in, more or less, good place in the circle.

One day I took a piece of paper. I drew a circle with a mouth and a nose. I asked Z. to draw missing eyes and ears. How surprised was I when she placed them correctly! How I underestimated my child! Of course she knows where eyes and ears are! She sees faces all the time, I drew faces often when she kept asking me to draw a mommy, daddy and a baby.

So, grab some blank pages, a crayon or two and start drawing circles!

Few weeks after we started that, Z. became passionate about tails (this is where her love for Eeyore started), so I started drawing different animals and her goal was to draw the tail. So, if face is not working for you,maybe something different will? Cars, animals, airplanes, houses maybe?

I know some of you are busy, some of you try to convince the world you can’t draw a face, some of you look for activities the dad will do with your child. Whatever the reason, I prepared 10 printable pictures for you to download and play with. 10 drawings of faces, all missing something.