oddler in a fast food

If you’re a saint, you can judge. Otherwise hold your tongue. We all have our sins be it screen time, chocolate, ice cream on demand… My sin is decorated with the golden arches. If there was an option to get a normal meal directly to my car, believe me, I’d be their first Hohn Circle customer.

Desperate for your LO’s nap you resorted into driving. But he just.won’t.sleep, it’s pouring with rain. It’s too much. You see the golden arches and your mind wanders to salty french fries and pickles. You know it’s naughty. You know it’s not super healthy. But you’re hangry and LO can have organic parsnip for dinner.
Toddler in a fast food – when, how and why:
1. You’re hungry, in a hurry with cranky toddler. It’s fast. They serve food to your car! TO.YOUR.CAR! Buy, eat, go! (Yes, I sometimes forget to pack the damn bio topinambour when we go out – self-slapped).
2. Your LO won’t nap. You’ve resorted to driving around and she falls asleep. Only then you realize you’re stuck in that car for at least 1,5h without anything to drink or eat or even a book. Milkshake should do it!
3. You’ve baked organic gluten free cupcakes, eaten quinoa for a week and are planning nettle salad for dinner (no, not nestle – nettle). You just need something stodgy. Fast. Yum!
4. Kids menu with a toy makes negotiations with every kid much easier. Period.
5. Have I mentioned already they bring you the food to your car!? Isn’t it the most perfect place for driving mamas?
6. Sometimes I just quite fancy a big mac. It gets harder when the season for “deluxe” options start. I mean, they have fresh veggies.
7. I believe eating crap occasionally will do me (or LO) no harm. If she starts to grow a second head after a happy meal I’ll be sure to tell you. 
8. It doesn’t have to be a burger (although I’ve got to be honest I struggle to leave without a little bag of fries) – they sell apples, and carrots, and bottled water too. But wouldn’t you hate your parents for buying you a carrot in a fast food? 
9. It’s a little bit rebellious. Whilst all my friends are boasting about baking their third batch of vegan cookies made with spinach dust and all natural air, I’ve just had a tasty bite of my really naughty burger. Sure, I won’t post about it on Facebook, but every now and then I just need to be a little bad.
10. Because you’re a #relaxmum – you know what’s good for your little one, but some days you just need to have a chilled day and enjoy the taste of youth.

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