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Painting on ice

If you can dance on ice, why not go for painting on ice? I saw this activity lately on one of my favorite blogs – Toddler Approved. It’s so simple to set up, it would be a sin to not to try. 21 month old Z is still too young to fully appreciate or to profit from scientific side of this activity but I like to expose her to new sensory experiences.Painting on ice

It’s even easier to set up and faster to clean up than last week’s ice cubes play. You just need water and baking soda. Freezing the water with baking soda will result in perfectly white ice. For small toddlers you can use plane water.

How to do it? Simply poor water to any container with surface big enough to comfortably paint on and freeze it. If you decide on the white ice use 4-5 table spoons of baking soda for 200 ml of water. It’s a frozen activity ready to use whenever you need it. Grab a brush, few containers with pain and create whatever image you and your little one want. Wash it and paint again until there’s no ice left.

Painting on ice

If your kids are older than my little Z, go check the original post at Toddler Approved, which explains the science behind ice painting and even has a suggestion of a book to go with this activity.

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