Potty training in winter
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Potty training in winter

No matter if you’re the “potty train in one weekend” or “follow your child” kind of parent, potty training is something we all think about, or even talk about from time to time. You probably heard a lot about only potty training in summer. I’m thinking the opposite, and here’s why you should consider potty training in winter.

Why should you consider potty training in winter?

Well, why not?

I am not sure how pee on the floor is better in summer than in winter (easier to wipe? evaporates faster?), but big minds decided it is, so most parents take it as the only truth. My mind is not necessarily bigger than those of the experts, but here’s what I found out: you can potty train in winter. no problem.

Potty training (in my opinion) demands one adult and the child to stay inside for 1-3 days, until both are confident enough to go out without a nappy (read my post about going out after potty training).

Isn’t staying inside a pure waste of time in summer? Whereas in winter, just think about the number of excuses you can use to stay inside: too windy, too wet, too much snow, too cold, too icy, too foggy, too dark, too depressing. So why not staying inside and potty train? Even when we desperately want to go outside, there are days when it is not possible at all. And this is THE reason I think you should at least consider potty training in winter.

What about the naked bum in cold winter?

Unless you don’t have any form of heating in your house, then yes, potty training in cold is a bad idea. But I assume that if you have internet to read that post, you have the heating, too. The floor is cold? There is no reason why you can’t put socks or sleepers on your child’s feet. His bum will get cold? Here’s what might help: underwear, pants, a long top, a tunic, or a dress. Kids can totally wear clothes while being potty trained, no need to run around naked.

Many parents find that potty training a naked toddler results in a toddler using the potty only when naked, so they have to potty train again with underwear and all that.

Don’t stress out though. I’m not saying potty training in winter is statistically more successful than in summer. I just wanted to show that winter is good, too!

Pick the season that suits you best and just do it when your child is ready for it (here’s a good checklist of readiness signs) Don’t rush it, don’t force it and you’ll be fine, I promise.