The book and the sound

Books with sounds - how to choose them? How to use them?

Using books with sound is one of the easiest way of attracting attention of babies and developing their interest for books. Not every book with sounds is good and they all need to be used in a smart way. And be careful, they are real fun, they are addictive and they can easily take over your kids bookshelf. They are great for 6 month olds and 2 year olds. Z got her first when she was around 5 or 6 months and she still enjoys them.

I would definitely cross off the list all those with artificial sounds, with computer music, too loud, those that don’t provide any useful information or knowledge.

On the list on the other hand: realistic sounds, not too loud, requiring some effort or skill to play the sound and teaching something.

Z’s first was a book with sounds of different birds. It met my requirements and Z loved it. Later, I discovered this is a whole series of books with different sounds. We now have a few: birds, animals, vehicles. For the first few months we read it together as she was unable to play the sound herself and then one day she just figured it out! She quickly learned to imitate a pigeon, a magpie and a cuckoo. Being under influence of these books she was able to imitate plenty of animals by her 1st birthday.

The books we love are French but I am sure you can find something very similar in different countries, too!

There also books without sounds but about sounds and making us make sounds. One of these books, a gift from our friends, is one of my favorite from Z’s library – The Noisy Book by Soledad Bravi. Reading it always makes us laugh!

Do you know any other nice, not noisy books with sound worth recommending?

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