Top 10 Polish products for kids

Emigration made me realize I’m a Pole more than I ever thought. Actually, when I was living in Poland I had never even thought about it much. But I’ve been living abroad for almost 8 years now – happy where I am, yet homesick everyday.

It’s so frustrating to see how (usually) Polish emigrants societies promote Poland: the Pope, Chopin, tragic history, Lech Walesa/Solidarity etc. Always dull, conservative and always the same. Yet Poland is a modern country with creative people, technology, design and art at it’s best.
It’s also (still) not that expensive but that of course depends on what you’re comparing to and on the currency you’re using. For all Swiss Franc holders it doesn’t make much sense to buy in Switzerland since it’s cheaper everywhere else. And even if postage to CH is expensive, you can always order to France (instructions at the end of the post).
Let’s start!
1. Dollhouses by Miniio.
It’s one of the best dollhouses ever! It’s rather big to accommodate Barbie dolls. Very modern, was made with high quality materials and will look so good in any place of the house! It’s on the top of the list for Z’s birthday (or mine… it’s sooner!). Check out their website here (English version).
2. Carpets
These amazing carpets were designed by Agnieszka Czop and Joanna Rusin. Their products are fabulous! Very pretty and interactive. You can read all about them here. Some of their carpets are available here.
3. NunuNu
I love everything about this brand. On my waiting-shopping list I have the wand, the crown (comes in many other colours) and the teepee (that will look absolutely stunning no matter where you place it). A group order anyone?
Ok. The name of this brand can give you a headache (check here for the pronunciation). It literally means “three mice”. Their cardboard products will be delight for your eyes, hands and your kids’ imagination. Cars, baby doll beds, kitchen cabinets and more! Check their website here and contact them via [email protected] if you’d like to order anything.
5. Books: Maps.
This brilliant book is available probably everywhere by now. Maps of the world for kids. You can check it in any kids’ focues library or order on the French Amazon here or the British one here. They also made an accompanying, brilliant activity book! We also love “Mamoko” series by the same authors and can;t wait for Z to be old enough for  “H.O.U.S.E.”.
6. Wooden story.
What can be more beautiful than wooden, handmade toys? Maybe wooden, handmade toys without toxic substances painted with natural eco-certified varnishes? Go straight to the shop or spend a few minutes reading about their history and philosophy.
7. Musicon. (!!!)
Award-winning musical toy. It’s hard to explain, it’s absolutely amazing, it’s like nothing you have ever seen. I haven’t found any place to buy it yet, only an information that it will be commercialized soon – I CAN”T WAIT! Please, visit the designer’s website for more information.
8. Clothes.
There are so many Polish designers, all of them so good it’s hard to decide who is the best. One of my favourite brands is Risk Made in Warsaw. I love all their shades of grey! I adore their collection – both for me and for my daughter. They even have grey clothes for Barbie doll!
Another brand worth mentioning is Kids on the Moon. Their clothes are available in many online shops outside Poland, check out their stockist list.
9. Boomini.
Another dollhouse. Different style. I love the white boomini: “The interior is decorated with black and white wallpaper, which provides a perfect backdrop for furniture and accessories are in bold, vibrant colors. The rear wall of the kitchen is a blackboard, where you can chalk recipes or leave messages for other family members.”.
10. Studio Hoho
Beautiful, handmade, unique wooden toys (and an English website!)
Other brands:, Nonove, Czuczu, Lalanka, Kalimba. And there’s so much more I could keep writing and writing for hours!
I’m curious what did you like the most from this list and what is a favourite products for children from your country? Let me know in the comments!
Now, for Swiss readers. This is how you order to France without bothering friends living across the border.
One of the options is “Poste Restante”. It basically means, you put the post office address as the delivery address. The post will keep the package for 2 weeks for you, it costs 4 EUR (per package). It’s good to have a tracking number f the parcel, so that you know when it arrives. They will not accept shipment form couriers (as those need a signature). More information here (in French).
Another option is to use the service of – they can accept postal parcels and courier parcels. They will keep it for 48h. Prices range from 5 to 12 EUR. More information (in English) here.

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