When to Stop Baby Massage: Useful Tips

massege baby

Having a baby is the most cherished dream of every couple. After having a kid, the zeal of every parent is to give only the best for that kid. The arrival of new-born beings bundles of joy to all members of the family. Every family member spends most of their time in thinking about care taking tips and puts every possible effort to keep the baby safe and healthy. Elders at home give unceasing suggestions and doctors, friends and well wishes would have their own versions too. Many times, the new parents get utterly confused in deciding which to follow and what to do. It is very common that you can notice great difference in the suggestions given by elders and doctors. But finally, as a parent, it is up to you to decide what is best for your baby and what can be done from your side.

Massaging a baby is one of the ancient traditions

Massaging a baby is one of the ancient traditions followed in India and some other Asian countries. From ages, people believe that baby massage can improve its overall health condition. Massaging helps in improving the physical and mental status of a baby. But some of the modern doctors say that massaging may not really bring any notable changes in the well-being if the baby and give any miraculous results.

Messaging doesn’t cause any harm

Messaging doesn’t cause any harm, until it is done properly, and when you use the best oil for baby massage. It is advisable to start massaging your baby only after a few days of its birth. As new-born remains very delicate, it may be a great challenge to massage the new-born. So, you can wait for 15-20 days before you start massaging your baby.

The chances of infections will be more when massage oils remain in the surroundings

Another point to consider is, the chances of infections will be more when massage oils remain in the surroundings of the umbilical stump when it is not completely dry. So, don’t try to massage the stomach area at least till the umbilical stump dries and falls off. Once you ensure that the umbilical region is completely dry and no infection is found in the surrounding area, you can give complete body massage for your kid.

The skin of a just born baby remains highly delicate and skin barrier may not have been completely developed in them. So, using any kind of oil or creams may cause irritation to the delicate skin. So, begin massaging your baby at least after 15 days of its birth, and choose any form of natural oil or very mild oil to massage your baby. Carefully observe the reactions of your baby while massaging. This will let you know if your baby is actually enjoying the massage or feeling uncomfortable with it.


This will be a major point to keep in mind if you are letting a maid to massage your kid. Though experienced helpers massage your baby very carefully, maids who come just for money may not be that careful out dedicated. A small mishandling may cause great troubles to your dear one.

A valuable advice to be considered here is to try to get your baby massaged by a family member. Do not depend on a maid unless it is extremely necessary, and the maid is trustworthy. Always allow the maid to handle your kid only under the supervision of a family member. In any case, if you notice that the baby is not comfortable with the massage giver, then immediately consider changing the person or the method being followed.

Techniques of massaging

No tough science behind massaging a baby

Though there is no tough science behind massaging a baby, it is all about the love and care that is employed in massaging. Massaging a baby by parents can actually bring a lot of difference in the effect it gives. The actual aim of messaging a baby is to increase the intimacy between the baby and its parents.

Improve the mental health of the kid

Especially when a mom massages her little one, it builds a strong bonding between both and will improve the mental health of the kid. As a baby remains in the womb of a mother for nine months, it always responds for her in a better way. The more closely a mother stays with her kid, the healthier it grows. So, once a mother gets for after her delivery she can start massaging her kid. You can massage your kid once, twice or even three to four times a day based on your convenience and the baby’s comfort.

Choose an oil or cream

Try to massage the baby at least once a day with mild natural oil or massage cream. Choose an oil or cream that it free from chemicals and contain natural ingredients only. Use products of trusted brands to avoid any mishaps. Giving a massage and gentle bath gives comfort for your baby and help it sleep better. Massage the baby with the help of your fingertips. Don’t apply more pressure at initial stages as this may harm the delicate muscle or bone tissues. Give very gentle strokes with the help of your fingers and this way the baby will feel very comfortable.

Once your baby grows little big, say after 6 months, you can apply mild pressure as this may help to release any kind of muscle pain that may be caused due to increasing activities. But don’t try it if you are not good at massaging. Starting safe is always better than causing harm.

massege baby

When to stop massaging

Most of the people prefer massaging their baby till a year. But however, there is no thumb rule for this. You can massage your baby and long as you are able to do it and as long as your baby enjoys it. Say it may be up to a few years too. In most of the parts of India oil massage and bath is practised by people of all ages. It will improve the health especially of the skin and hair. So, giving gentle oil massages for your kid before bath is a good practice and you can do it at least once or twice in a week as your kid grows. However, keep the safety of your kid first as the first priority before using any product or employing any person on the job.

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